6 Ways to Choose The Right Affiliate Marketing Products Every Time

What an exciting time. I remember when I first got started. Goosebumps. 

Let me tell you something I wish I had known when I first started. 

This might be the easiest part of your Journey when getting involved with affiliate marketing. 

I know that might sound scary and maybe even a little shocking.

Since most of the things you’ll see online are make money fast, one-click blog posts, and make $2000 in a week kind of talk. 

But I am very much against that way of thinking and the “something-for-nothing kind of attitude.” Lights me up (annoys me)

So I figured I’d let you know, if you’re looking for Easy Street, it’s not here. You’re lost.

Easy Street does exist, but it’s full of potholes and completely crowded with people who have unfinished dreams. That path is a ploy to take you for your money and leave you with nothing but broken promises and no one to blame but yourself.

What is here is long-term affiliate marketing and business success that will make you rich over time. 

If that’s what you’re looking for, you think long-term, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work so you can quit your current job forever (like I did), then you’re going to do great here. 

Let’s commit to this together. Deal? Deal. And we can laugh extra hard at the people still trying to make 6 figures with only 2 hours of work per week. 

They crack me up hahaha.

Now with that out of the way let’s get you set up to find your ideal product or products so you can start creating your Lead Engines (aka lead magnets) and your Position Profit Marketing Strategy. 

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Product

The first of any affiliate marketing campaign is finding a product that’s selling or you feel will sell.

A big part of that has to do with: 

One: Relevance to Your Niche

You want to ensure the product aligns with your content and audience’s interests. 

Two: Product Quality

Research reviews and feedback. Promote products that have a reputation for quality.

Three: Commission Structure

Opt for products that offer a reasonable commission, ensuring your efforts are worthwhile.

Four: Conversion Potential

Look at conversion rates, which indicate the product’s sales potential.

Five: Promotional Support

Many affiliate networks offer promotional materials like banners and email templates, making marketing easier.

Six: Market Saturation

Assess the competition. If many affiliates are promoting the product, it may be harder to make a sale.

Keeping these simple six ideas in your mind as you search for your products will help you quickly find unsaturated opportunities.

Top 15 Affiliate Marketing Networks by Industry

Now that you have a better understanding of what you’re looking for in an affiliate product. Let’s jump into the Affiliate networks you’re going to find them in. 

  1. Technology:
  1. Make Money Online & Business Opportunities:
  1. Health and Wellness:
  1. Hair and Beauty:
  1. Dating and Relationships:
  1. Personal Finance:
  1. Software as a Service (SaaS):
  1. Construction:
  1. Personal Development:
  1. Jewelry Making:
  1. Survival Niche:
  1. Furniture:
  1. DIY:
  1. Law of Attraction:
  1. Real Estate:


  1. Insurance:
  1. Fintech:

You’ll probably notice there are about five or six affiliate networks that keep showing up in multiple categories. 

That’s because these are the major players and have been around so long that companies trust them to promote their services in several different niches. 

Some of these networks are harder to get into than others, but we will save that for another conversation. Now you have an extensive list of options to review as you begin to realize what kind of product you want to promote. 

I say product because when you first start out it’s wise to focus on one and build a following around that. Then move on as you progress. Especially if you want to position yourself as an expert. 

If you want to review my #1 Recommendation for creating wealth online check out this article.

Later on, you can definitely promote other things that enhance your expertise in a category. But right now laser focus is key here. 

Bookmark this resource and use it whenever you need it.

Until next time, 


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