Frase Ai Writer Review: The Upper Echelon Of SEO Content is an Ai writing tool that is revolutionizing how you create content. In this Frase ai writer review I will do my best to show you what this tool is capable of and how it makes you better overnight.

That’s because they have simplified what used to be scary and complicated to achieve when it comes to making high-quality content ranks.

The tool will turn just about anyone into a writing wizard and SEO god if they have a small understanding of SEO and how it works. Stick with me for about 5 minutes and find out how easy it is to make your writing or the writing of your team waaaay better, rankable, and consistent.

frase ai writer review

Price: Solo: $14.99/mo, Basic: $44.99/mo, Team: $114.99/mo
Owners: Tomas Ratia / Co-founder and CEO

Main categories

  • Training Quality: 8/10
  • Research Tools: 10/10
  • Outlines: 10/10
  • Writing: 8/10
  • Optimization: 10/10

Free Trial: No / 5-day trial for only $1

Overall Rank: 9.2/10

What People Are Saying

frase testimonials

How Works

Imagine having an assistant that goes out and talks to all of your competitors and persuades them to give over their content secrets, including keywords, content structure, outbound links they use, and the research that helped them rank number one!

Then your assistant comes back to you, organizes it all, optimizes it so you know exactly what keywords to use, how many to use, and the ideal amount of words to write.

And if that wasn’t enough, they then gave you an outline for your topic that was reader-friendly and optimized for search engines… Oh, and they did it in under 30 seconds.

That’s Frase…

But wait there’s more (I love saying that). Let me blow the last little bit of your mind with this…

That’s not even the coolest thing it can do.

Frase is also a full-on content marketing team, SEO optimization tool, Google Search Console manager, and content strategist rolled into one app.

And to put the finishing touches on it all you don’t have to go anywhere else to write your content. You can use the built-in writing editor, or integrate with Google Docs and bring all that SEO goodness into your favorite writing tool (for now).

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Training & Resources Quality (8/10)

So if you’re freaking out right now because it sounds amazing it is. In my personal opinion it’s one of those tools you should spend time getting to know.

It’s not all perfect and we’ll get to that. But it’s pretty close. Let’s talk training for example.

You can start by getting free access to live walk-throughs of the app every day of the week. They offer two kinds of free live training.

  1. Mon/Wed/Fri – find out how to improve content and ask questions live. And if you miss it you can get a recording sent to you.
  2. Product 101 Training – This is where you get walked through different features and learn how to master each one, and there are tons of industry-leading features available

The blog is also chalked full of outstanding content. Things like understanding user and search intent, SEO specifics, and much more.

From what I have experienced, the Frase team seems to pride themselves on offering as much quality content about how to use the software, consistently.

Training & Resources Likes and Dislikes


I love how involved they are with the users, the live training, and the crash course they have to get you up and running quickly.

What’s cool is how they create content based on the feedback users have, whether that’s questions, negative feedback about something not working, or features that need a little more explanation.

Frase gets out there and faces the firing squad then makes the changes they need to make.


Personally, the crash course needs an update. It has videos from when the Ai was first built and it’s a pain in the butt to try to find where new buttons are or if the software even does what they are talking about anymore.

You can figure it out, but you shouldn’t have to. They offer a service that is marketed as the best, so they shouldn’t allow training materials to get old or outdated.

With that said, if you hover over the resources tab you will see the help center link at the bottom.

Click Help Center.

Inside the help center, you’ll see the categories of working with Frase on the left sidebar. The first link on the page will walk you through the most recent Ai for the software.

Go here if you get confused inside the crash course.

Other than that the training materials are great and you can learn a great deal from reading documents if you don’t like following videos.

Alright, I’ve talked your ear off about the training materials, which to me is the most important part of any software. But I understand not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the boring. So I’ll get into what most of you enjoy about reviews.

The Main Features

In this section, I break down the main features that I think people find most useful. I won’t cover every feature, only the top ones that will get you quick wins. I first will tell you all about the feature and then go into my likes and dislikes.

Research Tools (10/10)

When it comes to research it’s something you can’t avoid if you want to build a library of content that is considered trustworthy and reliable. But it’s usually complicated and filled with endless hours of scrolling, highlighting, and copy-pasting into a document for safekeeping until you’re ready to write your article.

Frase removes all of that mundane activity from your workflow.

Instead, now Frase does all the research for you and keeps it nice and tidy in one place.

A research tab.

Modern technology that I have not seen used anywhere else (yet) is keeping you organized and allowing you to bounce back and forth between current research collected.

Here’s what you get when it’s time to research your keywords.

  1. Top 20 search results
  2. Table of content from those search results
  3. Top Questions
  4. Stats
  5. Current news about that keyword
  6. Wikis

Before you had to search the top 10 articles and read them to find out what was important and what to leave out. Now you let Frase do the work. and you pick out what you want and what you want to ignore.

Research Tool Likes and Dislikes


Where do I begin. It’s like content creation nirvana every time you start. It’s an unfair advantage if I’m being honest. If you can use Frase you get information you probably would never find, even if you hired a researcher yourself!

Getting the table of contents from all your competitors now gives you a blueprint of what search engines feel needs to be in your content.

And you’re not guessing.

You’re seeing the #1 ranked piece of content using the topics you should discuss. Then you can add your twist and perspective on what you feel is missing.

If you love ChatGPT all you have to do is take that outline from the top competitor. Throw it into ChatGPT and ask:

Prompt: What’s missing from this blog outline that would make it more comprehensive and thorough?

And BAM!

You will get a better outline that will rank above that competitor… given all the other variables like DR, keyword difficulty, and on-page SEO are in place.

Note: That’s why I said you need to have a little knowledge of SEO for Frase to get you excited about what it’s doing for you. To the untrained eye, it’s just another tool. But it’s far from that.


Nothing here.

I think the research capabilities are far beyond any other competitor on the market.

Outline Content (10/10)

Now this is where things get even more exciting.

The best part about outlining your content in is you can let Ai do it for you if you don’t want to pick headlines from your competitors and manually do it.

When I say manual I literally mean clicking a button. You see a headline you like and you click it and the software brings it into the editor for you. But it’s still you doing the work.


But with Frase building an outline for your content is as easy as telling the Ai to take all the headlines they found from the top 20 Google results and build a superior outline for you with a click of a button.

After this, the Ai goes to work and creates a full outline of keywords they will use and each sub-section they want to include.

You are in complete control of how you want to build your content.

For example:

Remember earlier when we were talking about research?

When I was saying in traditional research you have to do all the copy and pasting yourself into another document but now Frase keeps it all in one place?

This is what I mean. This is where you outshine everyone who’s not using Frase for outlines.

Because the research tab and outline tab work together. Here’s what I mean.

Imagine now you have all this research.

Are you supposed to just open a few tabs so you can bounce back and forth between them to get access to the research you found within Frase?

Of course not.

Take a look at this image below.

These two links are at the top of the page in Frase. It’s always there.

When you begin to outline your article you can keep your outline in one place while you separate your research in another tab.

Not only that, but you can add as many tabs as you want.

Now you can save your research under named tabs that describe your research.

So once you’re ready you can keep all your links, news, questions, and whatever else you want, in one dashboard.

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Outlining Content Likes and Dislikes


I enjoy how simple they make outlining a top-ranking article. Even if you’ve never written about a category before. You can sound like an expert and link to all the necessary articles to show your audience you can help.

Plus you are in control. So many of these new Ai content writers don’t give you the control to pick. They (in my opinion) take the easy way out and write the article for you, they don’t create software that let’s you personalize based on updated research you can see. They just plop out an article and tell you to edit it.

With Frase, it’s a little more work, sure. But you get something that is unique if that’s what you want.


The learning curve isn’t steep, but it requires some work to understand the software.

It took some time for me to learn that I could create my own research documents within the platform and bounce back and forth between my main writing document and the research I found.

That’s because buttons blend in and there wasn’t a video specifically telling you that you can do that.

So there will be things you discover that don’t have training, you just stumble across ways to use Frase differently.

Writing (8/10)

They use ChatGPT and their own language models. The best part about the writing is you can tell the Ai how you want it to sound for each section of your content. Or for the entire article.

The better at prompt engineering you are the better your content will be. But it’s fantastic out of the gate. It can just be better if you know how to train your Ai bot.

Yes, you get a bot you can use directly within the software, to ask it questions just like chatGPT.

In the image above you can see that under the ai tools section, you have several choices. You have full control how you want your content to sound. You can also pull the serp topics (more on that later) into the content you begin to create.

The tone of voice and length can be controlled from here as well. If you notice it says a max of 150 words. This allows you to create precise sections of your content without having to edit mountains of content at a time.

For more research or ideas you have your own personal chat bot.

Frase Ai Content Writing Likes and Dislikes


The flexibility is amazing. If you know who you want your content to sound like you can have it done.

I played around once and created content written by a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. The skies the limit.

Prompt engineering isn’t mandatory though. You don’t have to do this.

You can have Ai outline, organize, give instructions, and then write your content for you. It’s up to you.

I like having a little more control (personal preference).

Another idea is you can have Ai write the content for you and then you can re-write sections to suit your needs. You have options.

Honestly, nothing on the market gives you this kind of control, especially when it comes to out-ranking your competition.

Which I’m going to talk about right in the next section about optimizing content.


The learning curve for using all of the writing features will take you some time. It’s just so powerful you have to carve out time to learn how to use it right. You might get mediocre content sometimes, and if you don’t know how to polish it you will think the software isn’t good.

But It’s a writing assistant with a heavy emphasis on SEO and outranking competition.

So if you are not interested in learning how to prompt your chatbot to write better or research certain topics deeper this might not be for you. It’s not mandatory learning it just makes your content more helpful.

It’s a powerful tool but it takes effort to learn how to make exceptional content but when you do, no one will come close to your content.

Optimizing Content (10/10)

Keywords, ranking, content optimization. Frase does it all. You get all the topical keywords used for the top 20 articles in Google.


  • Keyword Clusters
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Titles
  • Headers
  • Blacklisted Keywords

On top of that, you get a list of keywords that close your topic gap to your competition, overused keywords, and keywords you have already completed and match Frase’s keywords to include within your content.

Your competitors’ heatmaps on what valuable keywords they are using and their topic scores present themselves under the optimize tab within Frase as well.

With Frase, you immediately know what gaps to close, and how bad your content is compared to the best content written for that topic.

Frase Optimizing Content Likes and Dislikes


I love everything about optimizing content in Frase. This Frase ai writer review is not about overselling them, whether you go with Frase or not is no concern of mine.

My job is to give you an honest review. And if you have old content that hasn’t been ranking or you don’t know why it’s not ranking. Frase will show you. It’s often a lack of relevant keywords.

I love that you can look at a heat map and see how well a piece of content is written according to what Google feels meets its E.E.A.T criteria.

Being able to see the best keywords to use and how to use them takes all the guessing out of it.

This software makes you wiser in how keywords affect content, and how to make your content sound more natural. Frase also makes your content more useful. That’s what I love the most.


Again I love this feature, no one else has it. Not even Surfer. They have tools that help with keyword integration, but not like this. It can be a bit overwhelming at first so if you’re intimidated when you start it’s perfectly normal.

Especially if you thought you made good content and you find out your score is well below average. That can hurt and you might not like that.

But if you want what’s best for your business, that sting will be short-lived and you will roll up your sleeves and get to work improving your content.

Stand Out Features

Not every software in the Ai writing space has features worthy of making it into this section of my review, but Frase has more than five or six that do.

GSC (Google Search Console Integration) – This allows you to see where you rank, what your opportunities are, and also what content needs your immediate attention, and much more.

Ai Outline Template Creation (for outsourced writers) – This helps you guide your writers in exactly how and what they should include in an article, making them more efficient and not leaving anything out.

External & Internal Link Integration – This helps you see exactly what external links your competitors link to plus you can go and review the article before you include it inside your content. For internal linking, the software pulls your website’s articles and pages and automatically includes the links most relevant to the article you are writing.

Ai Custom Tools – These are tools that help shorten paragraphs, write blog intros, create listicles, and other long-form content. Frase also has an Ai command center that other community users can create and include. Similar to ChatGPT prompts but specific to Frase.

The creator of Zimmwriter (Matt Zimmerman) has created dozens of commands that are just plug-and-play so you can get the best start on superior content possible.

Integrated ChatBot – ChatGPT bot you can train directly inside your Frase software.

Wikipedia Concept Map – This lets you research topics from Wikipedia right from Frase and then generate a list from that research into semantically relevant keywords! Whaaaat!?

I know, I know. Next-level stuff. And there is much more. You have to check it out yourself.

==> Get a taste of what you can expect, try over a dozen Frase tools for free <==

Frase Ai Writer Pricing

With all this talk about innovation, you’re probably thinking this must cost a fortune. And you’d be horribly wrong.

Frase not only offers first-class software, content creation tools, and SEO training for every level it’s industry-leading in pricing for this type of service.

For $1 you can try Frase for 5 days. That’s their trial. Then you have 3 plans to choose from.

  1. Solo $14.99/month
  2. Basic $44.99/month
  3. Team $114.99/month

They also have a pro add-on that will give you access to unlimited Ai generated words plus other premium features for only $35 per month.

Every plan includes 9 core features:

  1. Automated Content Briefs
  2. Content Scoring
  3. Content Editor
  4. Document Sharing
  5. Project Status Settings
  6. Team Project Folders
  7. Google Search Console
  8. Custom Templates
  9. Outline Builder

For more information visit… Is it Worth It?

Emphatically Yes. If you want to outrank and get on another planet with SEO rankings. Frase is something you want to check out.

Listen, Surfer, Neuron Writer, and the others in this arena are good, don’t get me wrong. But they don’t come close to the value you’re going to get from Frase. They are in a class by themselves. And those of you who want results in a class by themselves will separate yourself and find it using this tool. Period.

Take a $1 and test it for 5 days. Use their free tools first if you want. Or you can watch a live demo at your convenience.

But don’t keep slamming your head against the wall wondering why you’re not ranking or spending more time than you should to write high-quality content. Frase is the only tool that lets you analyze your content like this and improve it overnight.

If you don’t mind learning how to think differently and putting in a little extra work to get a much larger return, give Frase a chance today, $1 can change everything.

8 thoughts on “Frase Ai Writer Review: The Upper Echelon Of SEO Content”

  1. I found your review of Frase AI Writer to be insightful! It’s intriguing how AI technology is shaping content creation.

    Have you personally noticed any particular strengths or limitations in Frase compared to other AI writing tools? I’ve dabbled with similar platforms and found that while they can generate content efficiently, the human touch is still essential for fine-tuning and injecting creativity.Your breakdown of Frase’s features and usability is comprehensive.

    I appreciate your balanced perspective on its pros and cons. In your experience, how adaptable is Frase to different writing styles or industries? I’ve been considering incorporating AI tools into my content creation process and understanding their versatility is crucial. Overall, your review provides a valuable glimpse into this AI writing tool. Thanks for sharing your insights!

    • Thanks for your feedback on the review. I am happy you enjoyed it. To answer your questions. Think Frase offers a huge advantage over other Ai writing tools because of how much information you are given to use in order to make your content more unique. You get news, links, specific keywords that you can exploit, and more. Other tools don’t do that. 

      As far as writing styles go you can create any kind of writing style you want. So very adaptable. If you have a favorite author or industry-specific writer you can mimic their writing style for your entire article or section-by-section

      I would say incorporating Ai as an assistant and not a complete replacement is the smarter way to go. The faster and better you get at using Ai in your workflow the better you will be in the long run as the future is heading toward better efficiency. Hope that answers your question. Thanks again for asking. 

      Give Frase a try by using their free tools first.

  2. AI technology really is changing the game when it comes to content creation. It’s pretty cool how this tool simplifies the process and helps even those with limited SEO knowledge create high-quality content that ranks well. As someone who’s been in the marketing field for a while, I’ve seen how important it is to have engaging and optimized content. If Frase AI Writer can make that easier and more efficient, then I’m all for it. It’s definitely worth giving it a try and seeing how it can level up your content game. 

    • I feel the exact same way. Especially for people new to the world of writing. Having an assistant like this is definitely a game changer.

      Thank you for your insight Raymond!

  3. Hey, this is my first time hearing about this AI tool. I’ve heard of Surfer and that kind of thing. But they can be so expensive. I like how this is more affordable and you’re able to try it for a trial free trial. Also, I like how you can check out the free tools to see what value they offer. That’s important because who likes throwing money away on bad products they don’t enjoy?  You did a good job on this one, thanks.

    • My pleasure Jake. This tool is off the radar for a lot of people. With so many tools it’s often difficult to know what to try and what to ignore. I am very happy there was some value in this article for you. That is great!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 

  4. Looks like a very interesting product. I have started using some AI equipment myself. 

    This is a very interesting subject with where the world is moving to with AI and one you are clearly very knowledgeable about. Have you used any other AI products for this? How does it compare to Grammarly and Copilot for example?

    • Yes Ryan I used plenty of other Ai products, I’m a professional SaaS copywriter so I am an AI nerd at heart lol. I love testing software. Grammarly is an application that makes your writing more concise and accurate. Copilot is an AI assistant for everyday questions. Frase has a Copilot-like functionality but is more focused on creating SEO-rich content. The specificity is what makes it different. 


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