How to Find a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing: The Simplest Way To Do It

If you’re reading this post you know what affiliate marketing is. But maybe you’re not sure on how to find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing. Maybe you’re lost about what the best direction for your business is.

Do you sell pastry tools or porn?

Yeah, you can be an affiliate for porn websites and camera girls if you so choose (not on this site though).

That’s the beauty of affiliate products, you can virtually sell anything you’re interested in by adding your affiliate links. 

In this blog post, I’ll talk about the ins and outs of finding niches for affiliate marketing, and by the end, you’ll be clear on your next steps for finding your profitable affiliate marketing niche. 

Ready, set, go. 

Defining A Niche

A niche is a sub-category of a bigger topic. 

Take math. If you wanted to teach math you’d have to specialize in a particular kind. You can’t just say I want to teach math. Math goes from being kindergarten level, all the way up to putting men in space! 

You have to pick… That’s a niche, find a topic you like and pick something specific about it

Niche Also = Target Audience

In the world of affiliate marketing, a profitable niche is one that has a high demand for products or services, and a targeted audience willing to make purchases.

Aka, people with problems and willing to pay to fix them. 

For example, a lucrative niche is the home niche. Why? 

In the home niche, popular products and services include home decor, furniture, and DIY tools.

On Pinterest alone, you will find thousands of pins linking to blog posts full of affiliate links. These people are making passive income in the home niche. 

The education niche focuses on online courses, tutoring services, and educational resources.

It has an average monthly revenue of $15,551 and a projected 30.15% compound annual growth rate confirmed by  

The automotive niche includes car accessories, maintenance services, and car insurance.

It has an average monthly revenue of $50,000-$200,000 and will continue to grow. 

These profitable niches for affiliate marketing showcase the characteristics of high demand, targeted audience, and potential for revenue growth.

Finding a Profitable Niche for Your Online Business

Spoiler alert, any niche can be full of cash when you have the right tools and the right training which we’ll talk about later.

For now what you want to do is identify your interests, passions, and things you’d like to learn about. By leveraging what you’re passionate about and what you’re good at, you can start to narrow down potential niches that align with your skills and expertise.

The truth is you can find tons of profitable niches no matter where you look.  But if you work in a niche just because you can make a lot of money, you won’t last long.

Affiliate marketing is about being interested, solving problems for people, and knowing how to show your excitement through your words. 

You can’t fool your audience. They will know if you’re just trying to sell them a popular range of products all the time. Your content will be thin.  But when you care, you do more, you create more, and you’re rewarded by your audience with generous commissions because of it. 


It’s important to search for low-competition keywords within those niches. This gives you the best chance of driving organic traffic to your website. 

There are millions of keywords and new ones being typed in every day by searches. That means you can always find an advantage no matter the niche. You just have to know how to find it. 

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What most people tell you

Look for evergreen niches that will allow you to continue creating content long-term.

Evergreen content is always relevant and doesn’t become outdated, which can help drive consistent traffic and revenue over time.

That used to be great advice when nobody new better, like when everyone thought the world was flat. 

Now that’s terrible advice. Because everything is evergreen. Yes there are seasonal niches that do better at certain times of the year. 

But are you trying to tell me if you love Christmas you’re not going to write about it because it’s only good for 2 months out of year! 

Of course not. In those too months, you can make enough money for the year if you do it right. 

I urge you to consider whether the niche aligns with your existing interests and has the potential for long-term success (meaning, will you show up to make the niche work for you?) 

As long as you can find affiliate marketing programs to promote, you will have a niche audience, and you can make money online.  Now if you want to retire, you want to pick a niche that offers more opportunities.

Or promote your own product once you start getting traffic.

Bottom line: Your ideal niche is the niche you will be happy to talk about on a daily basis.

Don’t just jump into the fitness niche or health niche because that’s what everyone else does. 

Two Ways To Find Your Interests and Passions

You might say I don’t know what I like, I have no clue where to start.

Check this out, read the below paragraph:

As a seasoned affiliate marketer, I am deeply passionate about digital marketing, sales copywriting, and conversion optimization. My expertise lies in crafting persuasive sales copy and creating high-converting affiliate websites. In my free time, I enjoy staying updated on the latest trends in online marketing, and honing my skills through continuous learning and experimentation. I also love writing about affiliate and digital marketing. 

That paragraph was written after I did two things:

The first thing was to ask myself this question:

What can I talk about all day long and never be bored of? Find that thing, and you find your niche. 

The second thing I did was check my internet search history and my YouTube and social feeds.

When I did this I found a plethora of different types of products and ample opportunity to find the perfect niche for me. 

Do this for yourself.  Go on, look. If you don’t come back to the post because you fall down a rabbit hole you’re not that interested in making money online. If you do, then you have your priorities in the right place. 

What do you find? What have you liked recently and what is your social feed showing you?

What did your friends send you that you laughed at and liked? 

These are all clues and they will open the door for you to walk into the world of online business. 

Assessing Market Saturation

Assessing market saturation is crucial for affiliate marketers to ensure they are entering a profitable and viable niche.

One way I do this is with a search engine optimization tool made for affiliate marketers.

It easily shows me exactly how many blogs are on Google for that particular keyword. The lower the number of blogs the better chance I will rank. It’s like painting by numbers, you can have an amazing masterpiece so easily. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the tool I use to rank within the toughest of niches read my article here

My point is you don’t have to be an SEO wizard or spend hours looking at graphs to see if there’s room for you in an industry. 

The right tools (easy-to-use tools) are available, you just have to know where to find them. 

Luckily for you, I’m a geek for this stuff and will always share with you what I know. 

In the end, a saturated market means there is no room for you, there are too many competitors, like a crowded beach. 

But in my experience, that’s not true at all. There is always room, you just have to speak the right language and have the right training

Analyzing Monthly Searches and Trends

As an affiliate marketer, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and topics in your target industry.

Utilizing analytical tools such as Google Trends and Jaaxy can provide valuable insights into monthly search volume and trending topics.

Google Trends will show you if a topic is being searched by people and what part of the country or countries are searching the most. 

Next, use Jaaxy to tell you how much search traffic you will get if you rank on page one. This tool will also tell you if you have a fighting chance no matter the niche, you will find keywords to rank for. 

This tool was made by affiliate marketers, for affiliate marketers, and is the most powerful SEO tool for niche online business building you will ever find. 

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Getting to Know the Competition

In researching the top sites in my niche, I found that there is a high level of competition for organic search results.

The sites that consistently appear on page one have strong content and well-established authority, which is both impressive and daunting. One thing I like about these sites is their thorough coverage of the topic, but one thing I dislike is the lack of personal touch.

This is how you do competition research. You don’t copy their content, you don’t say ‘owe ok, I will write the same blogs they write’, and you definitely don’t take on their tone in your content. 

Their audience is completely different they yours. Even if it’s the same niche. Everyone wants something different. The best way to attract your audience is to be yourself. 

The only thing you do is see how they structure content that Google likes and include the topics you think are relevant to your audience. 

The Only Thing You Need To Do For Great Content

Solve problems and offer helpful ideas that you express clearly. When people read your content it should solve their search intent. 

That’s it. If you do that, people will keep reading your content.

Ask yourself how can you solve this issue for my readers. Then take your time and solve it. Quality is what Google wants and quality is what your readers deserve. 

Exploring Niche Ideas

I touched on this earlier, but technically every idea is evergreen unless it’s a trend. In that situation, you wouldn’t make a full site anyway. Maybe you make a category. 

But in our affiliate world, there have been a few niches that have stood the test of time that everyone is interested in. That’s why they are called evergreen. 

Those niches are:

Health, Wealth, and Relationships.  

Evaluating Evergreen Niches

One of the key characteristics of these niches is that they cater to fundamental human needs and desires. In the health, wealth, and relationships industries, there will always be a market for products and services making them evergreen.

Incomes the Wildcard

VHS wasn’t everygreen so people said, but now there are people buying old VHS tapes online for between $10k and $15,000 a pop. 

This first edition VHS of Back To The Future sold for $75,000 in 2022

Characteristics of Evergreen Niches

Some characteristics of evergreen niches are that they can adapt to changing trends and consumer preferences.

For example, the health and wellness niche can encompass a wide range of topics, from weight loss and fitness to mental health and self-care, allowing for continued relevance and appeal to a diverse audience.

Another example is technology. How many things can you talk about in the tech space?

Ultimately, these evergreen niches offer potential for long-term success in affiliate marketing due to their enduring appeal and ability to address fundamental human needs. 

With that said, don’t go into an industry just because some so-called guru says it’s dying. Because everything makes a second go-round. 

Broad and Specific Niches

When it comes to affiliate marketing, understanding the differences between broad and specific niches is crucial in determining your strategy for driving sales.

Broad niches, such as health and wellness, can reach a wide audience, but face more competition. On the other hand, specific niches, such as organic skincare for men, have a smaller audience but less competition.

The advantage of a broad niche is the potential for higher sales volume due to the large audience. However, the disadvantage lies in the fierce competition, making it harder to stand out.

In contrast, specific niches have less competition, allowing for easier targeting of audience needs. However, the audience is smaller, limiting the potential sales volume. 

The Riches are in the Niches, the specific niches get the real money. Just like a plastic surgeon for noses makes more than a generalist who can do 5 different types of plastic surgery. 

Ever heard the saying a jack of all trades a master of none? 

Find your niche then drill down until you find the perfect affiliate niche you enjoy. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding this post please leave them in the comments below. 

I love to hear your thoughts on selecting a profitable niche. What do you look for first?

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