When Small Equals Big – How To Succeed At Everything You Do

What do farming, the universe, and biology all have in common? 

They all start from small (what may seem insignificant) beginnings. 

When you plant a seed it’s usually small but can grow to be a tree 100 feet tall! 

When you think of the universe, it’s nothing but the smallest of particles compounded into larger planets and stars. 

And when you think of biology, Think of You! 

Everything in this world that’s alive began as an iddy-biddy spark. 

My point? 

Big things start small. 

Your Business Starts The Same Way

Think about it, you might not know anything about affiliate marketing, how to create a website, or what web traffic even means. 

But you have to start somewhere. All things start from tiny steps and actions that compound into larger ones. 

It’s natural to doubt our abilities. Imposter syndrome is a real thing. But when you realize that taking one step, and then another, and another, without comparison to someone else, you begin to grow beyond what you thought possible. 

The truth? Babies don’t look at other babies and say woah they walk better than me, so I think I’m going to stop trying!

We Can Learn A Lot From Children

Young children don’t compare, they don’t judge themselves, and they don’t quit at the first site of difficulty. 

They just fall, get back up (maybe cry a bit) and keep trying. Could you imagine if you never kept learning how to walk, talk, chew your food, and the other billions of failures you’ve had on your way to who you are today? 

The very person reading this. 

But somehow society has changed our minds about falling, failing, and being judged. 

We’re scared of it. But that’s the very thing that makes us better. 

When you’re being judged by someone it doesn’t feel good. 


You welcome it as an internal GPS. 

Here’s what I mean. If you look at being judged as a sign that you’re living outside of your comfort zone and growing, that’s a good thing. 

Do you really want to be the same person next year this time that you are right now? 

I doubt it. But people who are stuck are the ones afraid of taking a risk on themselves. 

Success Isn’t About Money (It’s Something Else) 

Success means different things to everyone. 

When you take a risk on yourself and succeed you become a different person. You become recession-proof, you become confident that life can’t beat you down. You become reassured you can do what you say you want to do. 

When you build a business that helps people you learn to find the joy in creating and connecting. 

And if you didn’t know, your monetary situation is in direct proportion to your contributions to the problems you solve for other people. 

Money is the by-product of helping others. If you want more money, solve more problems for other people. 

And here’s something else I want you to consider.

If you have an idea or skill that you feel can help people and don’t share it, you’re cheating humanity. 

Could you imagine if penicillin was never introduced because Alexander Fleming felt he would be ridiculed or might fail!?  

What Does This All Mean in the End?

This means that if you don’t follow through and create the life you want it’s because you haven’t seen the value in what you want to offer yet. 

It doesn’t mean you’re lazy, not smart, or need a degree in online tech to succeed. 

All the resources and tools are available to make this child’s play for you. 

What needs to happen is you need to sit down and get your mind right about the consequences you will face if you don’t start and stay on course in the smallest way possible. 

What will your life look like a year from now if you start small with no expectations other than showing up and watching your success compound? 

Do The Smallest Possible Thing You Can Do Every Day 

If you want to become a big success in anything you put your mind to you need to do two things. 

  1. Decide with a clear intention on what that thing is and not give a crap who thinks what about it but you. 
  2. Start small every day. But do something involving your dream every day with no excuses. 

Ask yourself what is the smallest possible step I can do today to get where I want to be for my goal? 

Then do that. It might be logging into your online business platform and liking someone’s comment and that’s it. 

It can be writing a paragraph to your blog post. 

It might even be setting up your profile picture. 

Whatever the smallest thing is, do it. Then over time, you will naturally do more. 

You’re Undefeated

You might not realize this, but everything you’ve ever really wanted to accomplish you have. 

I know that because you’ve made it this far. Everything you have that’s good in your life you have because you paid the price, you made the sacrifice, and you’ve had to grow through difficulty and uncertainty to do it. 

Building a business, finishing school, or any other goal you have is the same. You set your mind to it and refused to let it be a failure. And you’ve failed at things and pushed through things like, school, job interviews, relationships and more. 

Think about it. You can do this too. Start Small & Succeed At Everything You Do. 

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