Position Profit Marketing: Why You’re Failing Miserably to Attract The Right Audience

Ever been stopped by a salesperson in the mall?

Either they come from around a blind corner and scare the crap out of you or you see them coming a mile away and think “Oh no, how do I avoid them?! Don’t make eye contact!”

What’s happening here? I’ll tell you…

We hate being sold… but we loooove to buy things.

So the question is, as an online marketer, how do you sell without selling?

Positioning? But there’s a bit more to it.

When you don’t have good positioning in your marketing you fail miserably because you’re trying too hard and don’t have a clear message people can get behind.

But there’s a very simple way to fix this in your marketing and make sure you always get this right.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to always attract the audience you want and repel the people you don’t.

Understanding the Importance of Positioning In Marketing

You might not realize this, but you’re in the business of connecting with people.

You’re not selling jewelry, you’re not selling cakes, you’re not selling software. You’re selling connection and problem-solving.

And if you want to make money online, you must learn how to funnel connections toward who you want to do business with.

What is Position Profit Marketing?

Position profit marketing is when you focus more on the people you’re targeting, the problems they need solving, and your personal position on why you do what you do and what you stand for.

It’s also about what you stand against.

Here’s the simple formula:

  • Target audience
  • Problems they have
  • Your reason why
  • What you stand for
  • What you stand against

The huge misconception about online marketing is that people care about your product, how you build it, the materials, and all the features it has. Hahahaha.

People could care less.

What really matters is how it will help them and if they can trust you that you’re going to do what you say.

This is why so many businesses fail.

They talk about the complicated process of how they do things and how special they are. This is called a unique selling proposition (USP) and it’s not what sells your product or service.

But everyone thinks it does.

It gets a little attention for you but position profit marketing is the strategy that really builds long-term relationships, conversions, and trust.

Why Position Profit Marketing Works Best

It’s based on goodwill, or what I call the helping others first business model (H.O.F)

When you’re online and see ads, it’s usually about how the car is the fastest, or the “proprietary approach is unmatched” Ha.

It never says they help you solve “X”. These ads also never say we started this company because of “X”, and we stand for “X”, and we don’t work with people that “X” because we don’t like that.

But you know what? The companies that do say those things have a different click-through rate (CTR) They have huge communities and people share their content and buy their products almost with no extra effort required.

Think about it. What kind of phone do you have? Iphone or Android? Chances are you didn’t need that much convincing to buy it or upgrade.

But here are even better questions:

Why do you drive 20 minutes more to the better supermarket? Is it because you’re going to save money?

Probably not.

It might be because they go out of their way to carry a particular brand of something you love.

When you dig down into your mental Rolodex you know one overarching fact to be true.

You do business with people you know, you like, and you trust.

That’s because they make you feel heard and understood.

So if we know that deep inside this is what we like as a customer.

Why do most marketing campaigns and online businesses fail?

Why You’re Failing Miserably to Attract the Right Audience

Get a pen and a notebook or open up your favorite note-taking app and save this somewhere you can easily refer back to.

You’re most likely failing to connect with your ideal audience for one or more of these four reasons.

  1. You got your target audience wrong and you offering something they don’t need.
  2. You’re marketing isn’t streamlined to speak directly to them in a way they relate to and doesn’t repel the wrong people.
  3. You’re copying another marketing strategy from a similar competitor and they are trying to appeal to everyone, which means so are you.
  4. You’re afraid of losing customers so you don’t draw a line in the sand (you don’t stand for & against something)

Have you ever heard jack of all trades master of none?

It means that you try to be, say, or do, too many things and never end up being truly great at anything, or getting your message heard.

You can see this when you read a blog post that tries to fit everything into one giant post and just ends up confusing you.

You can also see it when you speak with someone and they start on one topic and never really finishes before they bounce to a new subject. They are just all over the place.

People and businesses do that inside their marketing and wonder why no one knows what to do. You can’t be everything to everyone. You have to stick to something until you’re known for that and once you are, then build.

But that’s a topic for another post. Let’s talk about each step briefly so you can apply this technique right away.

Techniques To Applying Position Profit Marketing

For starters, you want to make sure you’re targeting the right audience.

There are tons of ways to do this, but what I’ve found works the fastest and accurately without doing surveys, long questionnaires, or forum searching is to ask ChatGPT or some other Ai model platform like Perplexity.Ai.

Pro-tip: If you can review forums as well to confirm your findings through ChatGPT or things GPT may have missed, that will make your message even more potent and emotionally charged.

Here are a few prompts I use when starting new niche sites for industries I’m not familiar with:

1. Pick The Right Buyer Persona

Prompt 1: Hey, are you familiar with the [insert your niche]?

Prompt 2: Great, Create a buyer persona for a [enter your industry specifics] that wants to [enter the benefit your product should provide] or [ what your customers want to achieve]. 


Great, create a buyer persona for a [full-time working professional] who wants to [create supplemental income making money online].

Prompt 3:

Excellent now what does the buyer persona look like if they were a [enter appropriate gender]?

Note: Sometimes depending on if you’re using GPT 3 or 4 you’ll get a woman output first or a woman. Just alternate the gender in prompt #3 depending on what gender you received first. Or you can ask specifically in prompt #2 if you want. Up to you.

After you receive your output for both a man and woman put them into your Notion dashboard or your knowledge management system of choice Google Docs works well too.

2. What Problems Do They Have?

Here you want to do some research on your new target audience regarding what they struggle with. It’s simple, you can ask ChatGPT what the biggest struggles are for your audience in this industry.

It also might be a good idea to dive into some forums and read about the problems they have. If you use a Keyword tool they usually have top questions you can search, or for the free alternative go to Perplexity.ai or Google and ask a general question about your audience’s struggles.

Doing this will open up the people also ask section.

The best part about this section is once you open up one question in the drop-down, Google will give you five more questions. If you do this a few times you’ll have plenty of problems to solve.

Author, businessman, and social media celebrity Alex Hermozi also raves about asking the question “What are the first and last things people must do when using my product?”

I found that when you list out all the core things someone has to do.

Then think of all the reasons they wouldn’t be able to do it or keep doing it. When you do this, you’re able to come up with a huge list of problems and solutions.

Even better, you can then create PDFs, eBooks, or guides, that are specific to your product or to a product you’re promoting, and assist your audience much faster.

3. What’s Your Reason Why?

In his compelling book “Start With Why” author Simon Sinek said, “People don’t buy your product, they buy why you do what you do.”

I couldn’t agree more. When you’re clear about why you want to help people and you lead with that you attract an audience that resonates with that reason. You connect.

AffiliateProfits101.com and my other companies are “Started from necessity and fueled by Goodwill”

Genuinely paying it forward is something I enjoy. In my story, I talk about why I started, what happened to me that changed, and more. Having a bigger purpose than money will allow you to move forward on the days you don’t feel like doing anything.

It also will be the most fulfilling part for you. The money is cool, but it’s empty if that’s all there is. In my personal experience.

4. What Do You Stand For And Against?

I can’t tell you how much this one thing changed my life in the online world. If you just get over trying to please everyone you will slowly but surely build a tribe you love and they will love you.

Support in this online business world is what keeps you going as well.

Definitely, when you have a why it’s great. But when you share that why with others woo! Now you’re cooking with gas baby!

So what do you stand for?

What internal decisions drive you to do what you do?

What fears did you overcome to start your business – to create your product?

You want to talk about those things. If you stand for honesty, hard work, and value-based marketing like I do, then say it.

If stand for paid advertising say it. If you prefer free avenues say that to and you honest belief in why.

Speaking your truth will bring who you want, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, if you keep sprinkling every piece of marketing with what you stand for, you will not only enjoy what you’re doing much more, but you’ll also attract and be attracted to those people.

Golden Rule: We are magnetically attracted to people who are just like us.

Stand for something.

What do you stand against?

What do you never want to deal with in your business?

For me, I despise the get-rich-quick mentality. I also don’t like the something-for-nothing attitude so many people have when they want to make money online.

Look, you might find a way to make a few bucks online, but at some point, you’re going to have to invest in yourself and pony up some money to get off the bench and be a starter in this online world.

So I poke fun at the freebie collector.

You know, the person who collects on the free stuff people give away online but never really uses any of it?

I also despise the manipulation marketers and the hype boys that tell you “Earn 10K in 1 month with zero work!”

That’s never gonna happen. Because this online world is about relationships, always has been. Why do you think Facebook was (and is) so big?

But here’s the catch… You’re going to lose customers, you’re going to have people who don’t like you. You may even get a few bad reviews because you speak your truth.

And that’s okay because you can’t please everyone. And you shouldn’t try to.

Are You Asking Me To Deliberately Lose Customers?

That’s exactly what I’m asking you to do. Because if you don’t you will never pick a side, take the blue pill or the red, look back and say goodbye to indecisiveness for good, stand tall and walk with the giants, feel the uncomfortable sting of people not liking your thoughts and realizing it won’t kill you.

I think you get the point.

It’s Scary At First But Then Something Amazing Happens

When you begin marketing from this deep-rooted place inside you, you will create more and more unique ideas.

You’re expertise will grow and so will your followers and subscribers. You will write freely and talk about things other people in your industry are talking about. And that is where your USP or unique selling proposition comes in.

You will be a value-based brand like Nike, not a commodity where your audience is looking for the cheapest price. This works in any industry if you are willing to put in the work and understand the audience, draw a line in the sand, and invite people to step over it.

What Now!?

I just shared with you how to quickly separate yourself from everyone else out there in your niche or industry.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

The truth is, most of the time fear keeps us from connecting with people how we should.

Fear of loss, of being judged, and other unseen things we dare not talk about in public.

But in order to free yourself and build a following you love, a tribe you want to work with every day, you have to learn and apply some form of position profit marketing.

What I want you to do is go out and create a social post, a blog, or a video using what I talk about here. Let me know if your engagement goes up. If you get more clicks, or you get some shade from someone lol.

Find a topic you’re passionate about and speak about it from your true point of view. From what you stand for and what you stand against, and try and solve new problems for your audience.

Hope this helps,


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  1. Well Rockey, that was outstanding. I’ve learned a lot in one read. I did write down the 4 points as to why “I” am failing. I love the quote, “What are the first and last things people do when using my product”. You turned me on to the AI tools, Perplexity AI and notion. And to ask ChatGPT how to target the right audience.

    Thanks Rockey it was very well written and informative.
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