What is The Wealthy Affiliate Program? The Smart Way To Make Money Online

You heard it a million times. “Make money online, it’s easy” Well today you actually have found the truth about how simple it can be.

Today, you dive into the world of online entrepreneurship with Wealthy Affiliate. The all-encompassing platform for building, nurturing, and scaling a successful online business. 

For anyone who wants it.

This training program is changing people’s lives.

Let’s start from the beginning

Established in 2005, their legacy is unmatched, in my and many others’ opinions. 

They hold the honor of the longest-standing reputation in the industry. Over 50,000 independent reviews can’t be wrong—especially with their shining 4.9-star accolade on Trustpilot, out of 576 reviews! 

This positions them as the industry’s gold standard. 

Name:  Wealthy Affiliate
Starter FREE, Premium $49/month, Premium Plus+ $99/month
Kyle & Carson

Community: 2.7+ MILLION members

Training Quality: 10/10
Research Tools:
Websites Included:
Hosting Included:
Freemium Test Drive:
YES. Get Going Here! (No credit card required)

Overall Rank: 10/10

Ok ok, cool, but plenty of companies have great reviews.  What truly sets Wealthy Affiliate apart? 

It’s an all-in-one online business platform that teaches you how to create an online business using affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate simplifies finding a niche, creating a fast and secure website, finding products to promote, and gives you easy-to-follow millionaire mentorship.

They also eliminate the need for tons of extra software and training packages that industry scammers will tell you are needed to succeed. 

Niche Finder AI Technology

If you ever struggled with trying to figure out what niche to select or how deep your interests could go you are going to love the WA Niche finder. It works like magic.

All you do is add your interest or hobby into the search bar and hit “Find Me Niches”.

After that, you are greeted with sub-niches you can research.

The best part is you can go as deep as you want. In the Gif below I only go one level deep. But all you have to do is keep hitting the search icon for a particular idea you want to explore more and you’ll keep getting 10 more new ideas.

The software also saves your recent searches so you don’t have to spend credits on them again.

As a free member, you can discover the direction of your business at no cost and get started on the right path to internet success from day one.

Say Goodbye to Piecemeal Solutions 

Here, you’ll find top-notch training fused with indispensable tools like research platforms, writing aids, website builders, hosting solutions, affiliate product discovery, and hands-on expert guidance. 

No need to juggle multiple services—everything you’ve ever needed to launch and maintain an online business is right here.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Wealthy Affiliate ensures you step into the online business arena fully equipped. And that’s what I love.

There are no surprises, you’re not blindsided but some hidden paywall you didn’t know about. 

You can grow from a single online entity to multiple thriving businesses, with the support you need. You don’t have to figure everything out on your own like I did before I found them. 

They’ve got you covered and so do I—every step of the way. Because you get access to me inside as well. 

Welcome to your online success story.

What is The Wealthy Affiliate Program & How Does It Work?

The easiest way to put it is the Wealthy Affiliate Program is a group of people that come together to help any one part of that community succeed in online business. 

That’s the realest answer I can give you.

Included in that are the resources, training, and tools you get to build your business in a structured and pragmatic way.

You’re getting millionaire mentorship for free when you start. Plus access to people who have already accomplished what you’re trying to do. 

I don’t know about you, but to me, the fastest way to success is to work with people who already have what you want and are willing to spend time answering your questions without sarcasm. 

Here are just a few interactions I’ve had when I first started. 

And Here’s one more: 

I find it so incredible that people find the time to message you when you get started.

These kinds of personalized messages have come from the co-founders as well. they actually read your profile pages and welcome you. 

There’s a saying in the online business and digital marketing world I never forgot. It goes like this. 

“People will come for the tech, tools, and opportunity a platform offers. But people stay for the community” 

How Does it Work? 

When you get started you get a wealthy affiliate login and are immediately taken to the hubs dashboard, where you control every aspect of your online business; from finding your niche to creating your content and all your core training.

Hubs is state of the art and not offered anywhere else, it’s platform-specific and has been tested for over a year before it was released to the community.

It’s your business space station and makes it the easiest way to create an online affiliate business in the history of the internet in my opinion ( I’ve tried just about every program)

It’s not just the tech but also the simplicity of created content as well.

You also get help with the frequently asked questions people getting started usually have.

Everything you need is all there.

Once you read through everything above you’re guided down a path that will build out your website, either for your own niche or a make-money online website.

The getting started video is just above the FAQs area and can be watched if you need a refresher on what you need to do.

In six steps you have your online business set up and ready for you to start making money within your niche.

After this, there are a set of tasks you will have to complete. The 8 main courses will get your business up and running.

You’ll build your website, create a logo, build your core pages on your website, learn how to take advantage of keyword research, and much more.

The fun part is you earn badges along the way and tons of people immediately start welcoming you to the community and offering encouragement. 

Here’s is the course layout for you when you get started:

Here is where you will test drive Wealth Affiliate. This 8 lesson series will have you ready to start making money online. 

In just five lessons you’re going to have a complete website and online path for how you’re going to be helping others and building your brand.

===> Take These Free 8 Classes Here and Start Your Online Business Today

Let’s Talk Training

Usually, when you hear online training the first thing that comes to mind is “oh god” This is going to be hard to stick with and understand. 

Plus there’s usually so much that you get lost and don’t know where to start. 

I have to say Wealthy Affiliate has tons of training and its experts come from every angle. And normally that would be intimidating. 

But what I enjoyed is how structured things are. You always know where you are supposed to be. That’s because there’s a secret to this platform. They have state-of-the-art technology. 

Aw expert classes

You can see they tell you how many classes are included in each topic and offers you a up to date library of millionaire mentorship. 

And when you start the lessons for growing your business are just as structured. 

Above is a visual of your getting started dashboard for training.

This is when I first started. See how you can tell how much you’ve done and what level you’re on. And, you can get to this training area from any screen within the platform.  

Whenever you do anything it’s saved, you won’t get lost about where you left off because the platform remembers. 

And you won’t do a lesson you shouldn’t do because there are checkboxes and reminders coming your way, telling you where you left off.

Wealthy Affiliate is a tech company that specializes in affiliate marketing because both the founders Kyle and Carson started as affiliate marketers and online business entrepreneurs. 

So the training is catered to you and focused on being easy to understand and follow.

Plus they have surrounded themselves with the top marketers and online success around.

So your training not only comes from 18 years of experience but thousands of others on this platform, about every current money-making technique under the sun. 

How Does This Benefit You?

For starters, it doesn’t matter what industry you want to work in. You have the tools and training to successfully start, manage, and scale that online business. And be the authority in it. 

It’s self-study so you don’t have to rush, but you also have access to live training every day if you want it.

That’s right! This is a platform that’s alive with engaged users and training sessions every day or week depending on the plan you select. 

You are not getting some stale training made back in 2015 that gets updated every few years. 

You’re getting daily knowledge of how the online business and affiliate world is evolving and getting tips and techniques that actually work right now!

You’re not finding this kind of attentive training anywhere else online for online business creation and management. 

Plus you can earn while you learn. The boot camp walks you through how to set up your site in such a way you can earn commissions quickly.

ADVANTAGES of the Classes:

  • Gain insights straight from industry professionals
  • Fast-track your journey by absorbing wisdom from proven successes
  • Sidestep major business pitfalls
  • Enhance your abilities and achieve new milestones every week
  • Always updated instructions, a stark contrast to the outdated content flooding the web

Market Research: Expertise Made Simple

When you think about research what happens to your level of excitement? 

Do your eyes roll? Maybe you get a flashback from high school and shiver at the thought of having to do research again. Even if that research means you’re creating complete freedom from your present job that you dislike. 

No one enjoys it usually. 

But what I have found with the special tools created by Wealthy Affiliate is the simplicity and the excitement I get when I realize I will grow my business easily and have my competitors wondering why I am growing and succeeding so fast. 

That’s because you are not using all the same tools other people are using.

You’re using tools and resources created specifically for affiliate marketing and online business growth from a tech company that thinks like an online business owner. 

You’re getting access to a suite of tools built from the ground up to work for a particular type of audience. 

That means keyword research is simplified, guiding you through the best and simplest way to outrank your competitors, with technology that works completely different from the copycats out there. 

That also means writing content, adding images, and your affiliate links to your content is easier. 

You will find unsaturated niches in any industry with a click of a button instead of endless hours of searching Google trends or some other time-sucking process.

Plus a tool that finds money-making domain names in a single click that mimics profitable keywords. Yeah!! That’s right! you don’t have to think about domain names anymore. 

And lastly, monitoring your progress and your success isn’t spread across sixteen different pieces of software. It’s easily located in one central dashboard that only allows you to focus on what really matters. 

Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to 7 technology-leading research tools that you can’t find anywhere else.

Using them gives you an unfair advantage other competitors can’t imitate. It allows you to provide a deeper sense of expertise, which can lead to better rankings when you consider Google’s approach to ranking relevant content. 

This leads to more traffic and more revenue. 

Some Advantages and  Benefits Of These Research Tools Are: 

  • Streamlines your efforts, saving you considerable time
  • Uncovers significant profit-making opportunities
  • Gain insights into your competitors, granting you a strategic advantage
  • Monitor your website’s rank, deciphering Google ranking trends and patterns
  • Discover a vast array of keyword opportunities, driving traffic
  • Identify valuable domain assets rapidly (75 domains in just 3 seconds!)
  • Explore untapped niche markets.

===> See How Simple it All is and Start Building Your Online Business for Free


I touched on this a little bit earlier but I want to dive a little deeper now. Because this really is what so many people are blown away about (including me).


It’s impressive, right? 

Even though the headline starts with mentorship, I want to start with support first. 

Because nothing is more frustrating than needing help and having to wait two or three days for an email. And sadly that is what is happening more and more today. 

These tech companies want you to pay for their service but do not give you any real help when something is broken or if you have a simple question.

Well, when it comes to building your dream you shouldn’t have to wait and you don’t here.

That’s coming from someone who uses this platform every day. And I run multiple websites so lying about the help I get would be silly. 

You’ve read the homepage of this site, right? 

If not I’ll give you a quick recap of my favorite section.

I believe in and stand for the Helping Others First Business Model (H.O.F. Business Model for short). 

Everything I tell you here is 100% factual. That will never change because that’s a core belief of mine. 

And I believe that’s how Wealthy Affiliate operates as well. They just don’t call it that 🙂 That’s my thing. 

But this business model is the main reason I work with them. I can feel it. And I can only wish you do as well.  

What is Wealthy Affiliate About? One Word: Mentorship

The support is out of this world and that’s not something anyone can argue. 

However, the mentorship included is nothing to laugh at either. 

Think back for a second about being completely new to something… but something you are good at now. 

Something you enjoy now, but weren’t quite sure about when you started. Got it? Good.

It helps with the context of where I’m going with this.  

For me, it was writing. I hated it, I thought to myself I can’t do this, I hate to write. But it was my mountain, and I had to climb it to grow. 

Then as I got mentorship and showed up daily things began to change. I just started getting better and seeing things differently. It almost becomes a kind of therapy. 

Now remember when you found your thought earlier? Bring it back.

When you think about it maybe had a similar experience.

You started out afraid of something, hating it even, but needed it.

And after constantly showing up and working at it something happened inside. You might even enjoy teaching your skill to others now. 

Well, that’s the way the mentorship is at Wealthy Affiliate.

In the beginning, you may be shy and scared to learn something new. Especially because getting help when you need it is a concept nowadays that seems comical. And most places make you feel like you’re bothersome even when you paying for a service.  

But as you show up every day, interact with the community, and realize you have access to the founders of the company in one click, to get help you realize the mentorship is real! And that things are done differently. 

The support to learn, grow, and succeed in your business and as an individual is real. 

Perks of Being Part of the WA Community:

  • No queries left hanging; every question is addressed.
  • Typically, receive answers in under 5 minutes.
  • Connect within the world’s most expansive entrepreneur network, nearing 3 MILLION members.
  • Remember: The strength of your network reflects your net worth.
  • Personal mentorship and coaching at your fingertips.
  • Direct channel to connect with me, Rockey & and the Co-founders (who does that? Them.)

I even read somewhere that people have fostered real relationships and got married as a result of meeting through the Wealthy Affiliate community. But I wouldn’t join to find love, but it’s possible apparently lol!

===> Get Started Today. Join a Community That Cares About Your Success Just as Much as You Do

The World’s Best Ranking Sites Need The Best Hosting

What most online coaches don’t tell you is how much tech is involved with creating a site that actually ranks and makes money. They let you find that out later after you’ve paid and are on the hook. 

I’m not going to do that because there are no lies or sneaky tactics. 

When you join Wealthy Affiliate all of the software and things you need for a #1 ranking website is included.

You get to choose between creating a free site, bringing one of your own, or registering a new one with Wealthy Affiliate.  

You also get access to unlimited email addresses. So when you want to set up an email for payment support, tech support, or just questions, you don’t have to pay extra. 

But the best part about this platform is your hosting is included, and it’s the fastest hosting for your website you will find. 

So there are no more $300 dollar yearly surprises on renewal from other hosting platforms. And there’s no unexpected downtime for your site either. 

your site is always up 99.99% of the time? And Security? Done. No need for tons of added plugins. You don’t have to worry about getting hacked. It’s truly a premium all-inclusive online business experience. 

Lastly, this all means creating a fast, secure, and user-friendly website that Google wants to rank. The catch? It’s done for you without any complicated techy skills required. In fact, your website will be created for you in less than 60 seconds. And you have access to thousands of themes that are gorgeous. 

Google favors the fastest user & mobile-friendly websites and sites that can adapt based on new industry trends. So that’s why you also get access to unlimited customizations of your website. 

And out of the box, you get a website that is 100/100 in terms of PageSpeed Insights, (Google’s rating system for website speed.) 

See how fast this site is? 

All I’m saying is you don’t have to be a tech wiz and you don’t have to lose your money trying to build an online business with 10 different software tools on ten different platforms with no live coaching or help.

Just think about it, that’s 10 pieces of software you have to learn how to use or pay someone to use for you. 

Add that to the starting point of running a business and you increase the chances of you not following through. 

Aren’t the biggest hurdles to getting started for most people time, money, and not knowing tech? 

Well, with Wealthy Affiliate, you only need to learn one platform, you get up and running in five classes, you start at no cost, and you have one source of truth for all the best knowledge, coaching, classes, and tools… Woo! 

Speaking of no cost, let’s dive deeper into this so you know exactly what you’re getting when you start your business. 

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing (The Best Pricing Model You’ll Ever Find for Starting A Modern Online Business)

Starter Membership: $0 Test Drive

No one likes the feeling of being trapped and that’s exactly how we feel when we think we’re paying for one thing and get something else after we paid for it.

That’s why it’s a fundamental belief of mine that no one should have to spend money on online business training without getting firsthand experience using the platform first. 

Companies that don’t provide a preview or a trial probably lack confidence in their offering. What sets Wealthy Affiliate apart is the ability to sign up for an introductory membership at zero cost, allowing you to lay the foundation for your enterprise without parting with any money.

Speaking from experience and still paying for Wealthy Affiliate every single month, There has never been a surprise. 

I joined because the value received outweighs the price, and honestly, with what you get for free, I don’t know how they do it. 

===> Create your ‘Tester’ Starter Membership Here

Premium Membership at Just $49/month

When you sign up for the premium membership you dive into the essence of digital entrepreneurship. Why? It’s not just a membership; it’s your comprehensive toolkit for online success. For a modest $49 per month, you unlock:

– A cutting-edge website and hosting service.
– Essential research and writing utilities.
– Access to an expansive 120+ core training modules.
– Fresh weekly sessions tailored for the modern entrepreneur.
– A treasure trove of daily insights through community blogs.
– Opportunities to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals.
– And most importantly, round-the-clock expert guidance and personalized mentorship.

Your journey to flourishing online starts here. Let’s make it count.

===> Get started here and decide later if the premium membership is for you.

Premium Plus+ Membership: $99/month

The Premium Plus+ Membership is an elevated experience beyond our Premium. 

You’ll not only enjoy everything from the Premium

This encompasses enhanced hosting capabilities, with the potential to accommodate up to 50 websites. To put this into perspective, similar Managed WordPress hosting services charge upwards of $250 monthly. Wealthy Affiliate is proud to set the benchmark in hosting speed and excellence – offering unmatched value. 

Additionally, you receive the pinnacle Jaaxy Enterprise (worth $99/month), and an extra 250+ specialized classes annually. 

Representing the apex for both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs, this subscription places you on the digital map far beyond what most could accomplish alone.

Here’s one success story representing just that. 

If you’re eyeing the Premium benefits with an added boost, the Premium Plus+ Membership is your go-to 😊.

It doesn’t get any clearer than that. Obviously, I can’t cover every benefit but this is a start. It’s up to you to get all up in this knowledge buffett but I have made that easy for you. 

===> Get Building For Free Here and Dive deeper into Premium Upgrades When You’re Ready 

Final Thoughts + Special Bonus! -> Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate?

That might be the question you’re asking. And I have to say yes. Here’s why. For starters, it’s the best possible way on the entire internet to learn and start to build a profitable business online for nothing upfront. No risk, but all the reward.

Did I mention you don’t even have to give a credit card? But I do need you to make yourself and me a promise. That you set up your account if you do join. It’s super simple and you’re guided every step of the way. You need to give yourself a fair chance to become successful.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, $0 Starter Membership Here!

Plus when you join the starter plan for $0. I will get in touch with you that very same day and answer any questions you might have. Yeah, I’m not a faceless person promising you things. I will be available to you within the platform or through other avenues I provide you once you’re inside.

How To Claim Your Bonuses

After you join your free starter account I’m going to offer you SIX bonuses if you upgrade to a premium package within 7 days. These bonuses will enhance your ability to fast-track your progress even more. These bonuses are completely free.

I will contact you personally on your profile.

Your bonuses will include:

  1. Buyer Persona, Pain Point Discover, Lead Engine Creation PDF (Free ChatGPT Prompts)
  2. 50 Bullet Point Blueprint Template (So you can grab attention in all of your marketing)
  3. 103 Emotional Triggers PDF (So you can use emotion in your content and always reach the right audience)
  4. Affiliate Product Finder PDF ( 6 easy ways to find the best products + Includes Affiliate Program Library)
  5. Best Headlines Formula Guide (Discover how to create captivating headlines and get more clicks)
  6. Social Media Content Questionaire (Uncover how to create viral social media posts using the Gr8 emotions)

I can’t speak for others and the work or effort they’ve put in, but I can say if you put in the time no matter how small I will be there along with the rest of the community to get you going and scaling your business.

The tools, resources, and community connections are here and they work well.

When you compare this with other platforms, Wealthy Affiliate is the best online business affiliate training you can find. Period. 

You get a full suite of services, resources, and training that never gets stale or outdated. 

Want to learn ChatGPT… Done, want to learn the latest in SEO… Done. Don’t know where to start when it comes to starting your business? You don’t have to! Because the training shows you how with minimal effort. 

With that said, you’re probably nearing a decision now. 

My primary advice is not to spend any money just yet. If Wealthy Affiliate piques your interest and you’re wondering if it’s the right fit, I invite you to experience the zero-cost Starter membership ‘test drive’. It’s free of charge, doesn’t ask for credit card details, and instantly connects you with me and countless enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Moreover, by the fourth lesson of the fundamental training, you’ll have a live website and the strong foundation needed for your online business.

===> Get Going With The Free Starter Membership TODAY.

I’m confident you’ll appreciate it, but you need to see for yourself. 

One last thing.

You’ve been given an incredible opportunity to make a change and get on board with the way the modern world does business now, and take advantage. I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years and never have I seen something so powerful. 

You have three options, 

1. Stay where you are and do nothing, say wow that was interesting and still struggle with the uncertainty of how to make money online. 

2. Take what you know now and go out and do your own research, comb YouTube for what you think will work to save a buck and make mistakes, but hopefully figure out what works after years of unnecessary costs. 

3. Take your shot with a free starter membership that will give you way more than you would get for paying upfront for inferior training. Plus, build a profit-starting website and put yourself on the best path to earning a full-time income online.  And Let’s not forget, save years of headaches learning from millionaires for free and gaining access to a community where you can ask questions to gain clarity. 

Whether you take advantage of this or not, I wish you much success, I started with skepticism as well so I understand. But like most inventions. They are born from necessity and are now fueled by goodwill.

Hopefully, I see you inside. 

P.S. Should any questions arise, I’m here to assist. Leave a comment below, and I’ll ensure a response within 24 hours, often sooner. Alternatively, you can also reach out to me directly within the Wealthy Affiliate community via my profile